Saturday, January 4, 2014

Cattle Grid Windsor - Not Bad but Certainly NOT Good!

I have just returned home from dining out at the steak house Cattle Grid in Windsor with my partner and mother and this was our experience...

The hype and good food reviews I had heard from friends definitely drew me in, as well as the somewhat American inspired menu. Being American I thought it was finally time to give it a go!

For our appetisers we had 'BBQ ribs' which were definitely not barbecue, the sauce actually tasted more like teriyaki, and being from the South I was incredibly disappointed.

Secondly, we had Buffalo Wings with "blue cheese sauce,'' I was thinking this was going to be "blue cheese dressing" which is traditionally paired with buffalo wings in America, but NO, it was a creamy very strong blue cheese sauce which was SO WRONG with buffalo wings. Perhaps the restaurant was trying to do the American classic but got it completely wrong with the flavours.

Seeing as the wings are a bit salty and spicy they need the tang from the blue cheese dressing to balance out the flavours. FYI this is what blue cheese dressing should be and this is how blue cheese dressing is supposed to look:

Image Source
We found ourselves continuously saying "not bad" which continued into the rest of our meal. On to the Main Courses....

My mother had a 'Philly Cheesesteak' and oh my goodness it was badly executed.  In my opinion, if a restaurant is going to put such a classic American sandwich on a menu they need to know how it tastes and how it is made. If someone from Philly tried their version they would probably thrown it against the wall. I was shocked the burger included gravy inside the bun...what the??  Luckily, she requested it on the side. Also, it was in a brioche bun? No no no no!

My Mother's Philly Cheesesteak:

This is how the Philly Cheesesteak is supposed to look:

As my partner  is vegetarian she had a choice of portobello mushroom for a burger, which she hates as it just makes the bun soggy, or a falafel pitta... so she chose the 'Falafel Pitta'. She did quite enjoy it, but it was not amazing and unfortunately was very messy and hard to eat as it fell apart after the first bite. Her chips were soggy and undercooked, which being a vegetarian (who loves fries) this was a big let down, as it is normally one of the main highlights of her meal.

Last but not least, I had a 'Hog Roast Sandwich,' which is basically a pulled pork sandwich. It originally comes with lettuce and tomato, which as a Southern girl I can safely this is wrong. Back in the South it traditionally comes with coleslaw and BBQ sauce, which is the way I requested. There was a lack of sauce so I asked for a cup on the side and it was not barbecue sauce, it was teriyaki in my opinion.

Being American, and from the South in particular, I think that the Cattle Grid definitely needs to know exactly how the food on their menu is meant to be cooked as we were all incredibly disappointed and would not go back for the reasons above.

On a positive note, the staff were very friendly and the service was good. The atmosphere was enjoyable and the decor was uniquely quirky for a steak house, which we really liked.

The restaurant did attract a good crowd on a Saturday night, and with a a few tweaks to the menu as suggested above, I think that the crowd could double, tripple- skys the limit!

Price: including a bottle of red wine the meal came to £82.


Cattle Grid, Windsor Royal Station, 31/32 Jubilee Arch, SL4 1PJ.
Cattle Grid Windsor

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Friday, August 2, 2013

Starbucks UK: Bring the syrup Cinnamon Dolce to the UK!

Further to my last post about the differences in Starbucks US vs. UK- Check out our petition to get Cinnamon Dolce syrup (the most delicious flavour ever) to the UK!

We need your help everyone in reaching 1,000 signatures by the end of August. Please navigate yourself here to sign! 

The UK doesn't know what its missing! 

It is time the UK gets Cinnamon Dolce!

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